Smashing Starbucks: Tips For Hosting A Child-Friendly Coffee Morning At Home

The best coffee shops can be cosy little havens for parents, but boy do the cost of those lattes stack up! Just 2 chain coffee shop concoctions each week adds up to around £270 each year (and that’s without any sneaky extra treats or babycinos).

So it makes sense to save the pennies, get away from the crowds and the tax-dodging corporates and host a child-friendly and low-stress coffee morning yourself – at home. Kitchenistic will help you in your endeavour to make great coffee at home that will taste just like the extravagant cafes.

3 Easy Steps To A Stress-Free Coffee Morning

1.       Just Great Coffee? Instant coffee can be a pretty unappealing brew and since this will be the focal point of the morning you’ll need something that doesn’t taste like gritty carpet scrapings. A cheap cafetiere can be a great way to get a decent flavour PLUS you will have a nice pot for people to refill themselves so you are not drumming your fingers on kettle duty the whole time. Don’t forget some basic tea and herbal alternatives too – if people want Bonga Bonga Berry tea from the outer Hebrides they can bring it themselves!

2.       Simple Kid’s Snacks and Toys. A selection of wholesome looking biscuits and platter of fruit will go down well with the children. Strawberries, blueberries, pineapple and melon are all great choices that can be prepared in advance without turning that unappetizing brown colour. For older children you could try serving with a dipping bowl of thick Greek yoghurt swirled with honey and some toothpicks to spear the fruit cubes. A box of baby-friendly toys placed in the centre of the room can be really helpful to distract little ones safely and save other mums from having to lug around too much extra stuff. Check out Corp Coffee for more treats for kids.

3.       Freshly Baked Muffins. I love those big blueberry studded muffins that coffee shops serve. They look and smell fantastic and with the right recipe I found at Corrie Cooks – Pressure Cooking With Corrie: Recipes, Reviews & guides, can be baked to perfection easily at home – even with the children helping!

Cookery Doodle Doo will show you how to bake a yummy batch on Saturday 16th February at our children’s cooking class in Hove. You can book a space on Coffee Shop Muffins here.

Or, if you just can’t wait until then you can watch Katie baking these gorgeous Blueberry and Ricotta Muffins on Cookery Doodle Doo’s YouTube channel instead!