Brighton Food Festival September 2013

Raining Chocolate Clouds at The Children’s Food Festival in Brighton

Cloud Candy Floss in BrightonChildren decorated candy floss clouds with a custom built chocolate rain machine at The Brighton Food Festival on Hove Lawns this weekend.
The wacky machine was built from lilo pumps, garden hoses and a converted wardrobe by their inventor and founder of children’s cookery school Cookery Doodle Doo.
Katie Elfer said:

“My husband is always nervous leading up to a new event. Somehow the ideas got out of hand again and we ended up spending most evenings testing pumping equipment and arguing over the best containers for projecting cocoa in the supermarket!”


Watch the video!

Children flavoured their fluffy clouds of floss with unusual freeze-dried fruit and then pumped cocoa from the chocolate rain machine using a foot pump.
As it rained hard outside, curious adults even tested the machine to add a little chocolate to their hot cappuccinos as their children enjoyed the free foodie activities.
Brighton Food Festival Katie is a mum of 2 boys (Finley 5 years and Darcy 4 months) was keen to involve her children “My son Finley has loved every minute of creating and building the Chocolate Rain Machine. It’s taken over the living room for the last month building it, but the reaction of the excited children made it all worth while. We’ll have to up our game in April at the spring festival to bring our distinct brand of cookery and craft to local children in a new memorable way.”


Katie Elfer