Press Release: Free School Launches Bilingual Cooking Classes for Children

A Brighton-based free school known for its entirely bilingual curriculum has partnered with a children’s cooking school to launch a new ‘Talk and Eat’ afterschool club which will be taught in both Spanish and English.

Cooking instructors from children’s cooking school; Cookery Doodle Doo will be taking children from the Bilingual Primary school and teaching them how to make nutritious international recipes as they practice their spoken Spanish with native speakers.

Katie Elfer, owner of Cookery Doodle Doo said:

“It’s been a struggle for me to pick up any foreign languages and as an adult I really regret not having learnt as a child. On holiday, I’ll always be interrupted mid-sentence when I ask for the toilet because I am just too slow despite all my enthusiasm to practice! The bilingual school is giving children the opportunity to learn another language at an age where it can be fun, feel natural and become part of their daily lives.

Socialising around the dinner table, eating home-cooked food and having a good chat is something everyone can appreciate, so that is what our ‘Talk and Eat’ club is all about. We show the children how to cook a healthy savoury meal from scratch and they learn some Spanish along the way before we sit and enjoy tucking into the results”

You can book the course now which is starts after Easter at The Bilingual Primary School in Falmer.


Notes to editors

  • Photos are available on request

For more information please contact Cookery Doodle Doo – Katie Elfer:

M: Katie on 07588692955



Twitter: @cookerydoodledo

Information about Cookery Doodle Doo

Cookery Doodle Doo was launched in 2011 and is now expanding as a national children’s cooking franchise. The company’s prides itself on great quality ingredients and creative recipes utilising everything from hamster-balls to edible puppets to entertain and educate children.

Cooking classes and holiday clubs for children aged 3-10 are now available across Sussex and Hampshire.

More information can be found on their website:

Information about the Bilingual Primary School

The Bilingual Primary School is a Free School based in Falmer, on the outskirts of Brighton, Sussex. The school strives to be the leading model for bilingual education in the UK, offering the very best of British education through a comprehensive programme of learning through English and Spanish.

More information can be found on the website

Get The Most Out Of Your Leftovers

beef noodlesFor some people leftovers are like fine cuisine that they would sometimes prefer to the original meal. Others find that there is a smorgasbord of unsavory items in the fridge at the end of the month and they feel guilty for wasting all that food.

If you’re looking for a way to save money, learning to use up your leftovers is a great way to make it happen. And sure, using all your leftovers may take some planning—is it worth it if you don’t have a money issue?

Maybe not, but if you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle you are spending more on your groceries than you used to—and maybe you could stand to save a few bucks too. You need to find a few ways to cut corners. Making the most of your leftovers is just one way.

Variety Matters

Done correctly, you can get by with using one or two meats all week. If you are going to use one meat, don’t eat meat every day. Your body needs variety. Either use two different kinds of meat or find another source of protein and iron and skip meat for a day during the week. Most people don’t live the kind of lifestyle that requires meat as a part of their daily diet anyhow and there are plenty of ways to get protein and iron without it.

Get the Most Out of Your Main Course

When you do use meat, make it the main course without shredding it or grinding it up. A roast cooked in the crock pot, steak smothered in mushrooms, broiled pork chops, these are all great ways to start your main course off. You’ll be changing their form later in the week, so you want your leftovers to be in large pieces if you can.

When you have leftover steak, pork shops, or even chicken, put it in the fridge for a day. Eat a different meat or skip meat the next day. So if you have steak on Monday, have chicken on Tuesday. On Wednesday, cut your steak into small pieces and make a sauce to go with it. You can easily make a stroganoff with your leftover steak, or fajitas, or use whatever sauce you prefer to make use of the leftover steak.

Don’t Forget the Side Dishes

Your side dishes usually don’t offer as much as your main course does, but you can combine them any way you want to in order to get the most out of them. Use your vegetables to makes a stew or casserole, or combine your vegetables for a mixed vegetable side dish for another meal. They key is to use your leftovers in a different way than they were used the first time.

Suggestions for Leftover Dishes

Though you can use your leftovers in plenty of ways, it’s sometimes hard to get creative after a long day of work. Below are some suggestions for you.

  • Soups
  • Stews
  • Casseroles
  • Goulash
  • Pot Pies

Feel free to get creative and add your own ideas!

This guest blog was written by Samantha Moore. Samantha is a professional blogger who shares advice on healthy cooking for your family. She blogs for, where you can find a large selection of delicious recipes.