How Cooking Games Can Inspire Young Chefs

We all like to encourage our kids to be creative in the kitchen, but there are more ways than one to keep their passion for food ignited. Wild foraging, blind taste tests or raiding the recipe books for new dinner ideas you can cook together are all great ways to engage kids with real food.

If however, your struggling to drag them away from Angry Birds there could be another way to inspire them that is becoming popular with parents and kids. Games websites such as have cooking games which encourage children to embrace many different recipes, while simultaneously increasing their culinary ambition.

Educational tool for kids to learn about food

girls playing on tabletJust as grown-up will watch cooking shows or YouTube video ‘How To’ videos, games which have recipes integrated within them expose children to the amazing potential of food. They make them aware that food is something for them to appreciate, share and experiment with (not just eat). These games educate children on different foods from around the world and encourage them to find out more about foods that they may never had heard of previously.

Whether your child loves cupcakes or salads, sushi or hotpot – they’ll find something within these games that they will love which can be a a handy tool for fussy eaters. Food games encourage them to broaden their minds and familiarise them with new cuisine. After all, not many children could follow a virtual recipe without wanting to try it out in real life…

Of course, the best way to cook is to don an apron, scrub up and get cooking for real! But on the days where they fancy doing something less practical, there are cooking games on this site include step by step instructions alongside characters who enact the cooking on the screen (when prompted by the user).

Learn How To Wrap a Virtual Tortilla!

game wrapping a tortillaThis game teaches users to make chicken chimichangas – a Mexican recipe. It even demonstrates the best way to wrap a tortilla!

Other games include a fully integrated recipe that users can look at before or after playing the game. Not only does this educate kids on which foods are contained within certain recipes, but it also allows them to envision how making the recipe would play out in reality, and sometimes how the food would taste.

This could be a useful introduction to foods before going on holiday or a restaurant outing with friends.

The ultimate goal of these games is to captivate youngsters who love to cook, and intrigue those who have never really been exposed to cooking. They embrace a child’s creativity and inspire them to be innovative in the kitchen. Not only that; but they educate children on new foods, ingredients and recipes. Parents can even play along and test their children throughout the games, watching their curiosity about food grow.

primary school girls cookingWhat better way to spark your child’s imagination and set their ambitions in motion? After all, every chef has to start somewhere. The next step? Heading to a real-life cookery class, of course!

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