Children’s Cooking Classes in Brighton

Cooking teacherHi, I’m Laila and I’m mum to 4-year-old Ellie in Hove. Cooking (and baking) is in my blood and eating wholesome and comforting foods at the heart of my family upbringing. I was raised in my parent’s Restaurant in London, my father teaching me all about combining Moroccan, Italian, Spanish & English influences to make flavoursome meals. My mother trained in french pastry making and just about managed to pass those skills onto me, which I’m now trying to share with Ellie.

I live and breathe all things food and am passionate about healthy eating, experimenting with flavours and textures and sharing my love of new ingredients with my family and friends. I strongly believe in simple, straightforward home cooking whilst constantly trying and testing creative ways of encouraging the little one and her friends of getting involved.

My mission in life is to help families embrace the fear and enjoy the challenge of cooking together. I hope you’ll come join us on a baking adventure with Cookery Doodle Doo!

To contact me about our new cooking classes for pre-schoolers please email or view photos on our Facebook page.

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