North Hampshire

katie black

Hello, I’m Katie and I run Cookery Doodle Doo classes from my home in Whitchurch, North Hampshire.

I’m a mum of two and believe that cooking is a really important skill to pass onto our kids. Growing up, I enjoyed regular baking sessions with my Grandma and cooking has always been my time to relax, and a way of being creative; I’m a total recipe junkie and read cookery books like novels!

Like many children, both of mine have been really fussy eaters, and I know first-hand that getting them involved in the kitchen can be a great way of getting them to try new things. For me, it’s not about them finishing every crumb – it’s about exploring food and enjoying the whole experience.

In my cooking classes the children can relax and get messy, learn important skills, try new flavours and chat about where ingredients come from. It’s a brilliant way for kids to learn about real, home-cooked food. As a mum myself, I place great importance on the adults being able to enjoy it too, so there’s proper coffee and lots of opportunity to chat at my preschool classes; and my pudding club was designed to give you 2 hours off on a Sunday morning, whilst one course of the family dinner is sorted for you!

To find out more about my preschoolers’ cooking classes, Sunday Morning Pudding Club (for ages 5-10), creative parties, nursery visits and more, please email, call 07473 958402, or take a look at my Facebook page for loads of photos!