South Northampton Cooking Classes for Children

rachel wilson photo

Hello, I’m Rachel and I offer creative foodie fun in South Northamptonshire.

The kitchen is the favourite room of my house. I get so much pleasure from being creative with cooking, whether it’s following a recipe from my many cookbooks or pulling something together from the ingredients in the cupboards. Half the fun is the experimenting!

My childhood memories of cooking, particularly baking are of all the good things; the smell of freshly baked scones as I came in the door from school, standing on a stool at my Nan’s sink so I could reach the mixing bowl to stir the cake ingredients, then licking the leftover cake mix out of the mixing bowl!

Cooking and exploring foods from a young age is so important for health and happiness. At Cookery Doodle Doo we offer oodles of opportunities to develop the palate and nurture a life skill!

To find out more about cooking classes, birthday parties and extra-curricular activities for children (3­ – 11 years) please get in touch:

Email , call or text: 07475928684 or visit the Facebook page