Children Wanted for New TV Cooking Show

Is your child the next Jamie Oliver? Or perhaps you have a budding Heston at home?

ITV are launching a brand new children’s cooking show and are looking for talented children to take part. 

child cookingIt’s a great opportunity for enthusiastic young cooks to show off their talent and develop their skills.  I know we have some great budding chefs locally so it would be fantastic to see Brighton represented.

ITV is giving budding up-and-coming cooks the chance to take part in a brand new entertainment show involving fun, games and the chance to prove themselves in the kitchen. Can your child cook the best casserole, make a Mexican dish to get the tastebuds tingling, or whip up a strawberry cheesecake to wow the crowd? Whatever they make, if they love to cook we want to hear from them.

DEADLINE: If you are aged 8-12, you’ll need to apply by Sunday 11th August to


Gooseberry and Lavender Yoghurt Lollies

This is the time of year in Britain for juicy freshly-picked blackberries and lush sweet raspberries. Both are delicious in ice-cream or a frozen yoghurt dessert and when they are so abundant, it can be great fun grabbing the children and making an afternoon of collecting and creating these lovely iced treats.

Sadly I didn’t get to do any foraging today, other than in the local Co-Op.  Loathing the idea of paying for something so readily available practically on my doorstep this time of year, I bought instead some gorgeous tart gooseberries to try in this recipe instead.

This recipe works well with the fragrant Lavender sugar, but you could just as easily make it with regular caster sugar and a dash of vanilla.

Mango and Coconut Lollies

What fab weather we are having this week! Maybe just a bit too dark too early for a proper evening BBQ on the beach but a lolly can certainly be a yummy after dinner treat!

I first made these visiting family in Oz when we found some spare mangos in the back of the fridge. They are full of fruit and perfect to cool off in the late September sunshine.