Bloomberg talk to Katie Elfer from Cookery Doodle Doo

There’s been a surge in self-employment in the UK since the recession and Bloomberg have investigated the trend interviewing Cookery Doodle Doo founder Katie Elfer.

Read the full article on Bloomberg here: British Find Way to Beat Working For a Boss

Many parents are increasingly finding the idea of dropping the 9-5 in favour of being their own boss appealing. Flexible hours, independence, job satisfaction – or just spending more quality time with the kids can be powerful motivation for making a change. 

katieKatie Elfer says “I’m so pleased to be able to talk about the benefits of working for Cookery Doodle Doo and how it’s changed my family-life completely. Nothing worth having is easy, but I genuinely believe that my quality of life has much improved since I launched the company and now we’re recruiting more teachers with the franchise it’s a really exciting time for us all.”

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Summer Berry and White Chocolate Cupcakes

Blackberries are a great ingredient to add to sweeten and excite things up, along with packing in one of your 5 a day. They are best picked towards the end of Summer until the beginning of Autumn when they are most ripe and juicy. Finding blackberries is easy, when you know what to look for. You will usually find them growing around and on bramble bushes, field hedgerows, along the borders and of course if you get seriously stuck – in Pick Your Own farms!

Here Are Some Handy Tips For Choosing That Perfect Blackberries.

  • The best berries are the ones that are off the common trail footpaths and on rougher ground, these are for the more serious pickers.
  • Be extra cautious when approaching blackberry bushes, as they are covered in thorns and you’re more than likely going to get scratched. Wearing thick gloves and long sleeves can help prevent children’s tears.
  • The darker the berry the better it is, as it will be riper tasting just right. Try not to pick blackberries when they are red as they maybe un-ripe and taste rather bitter. If the berry easily pops off as you pull it then it is nice and ripe.
  • Once picked eat them within a day or two or keep them within a cool dry place. Blackberries freeze well, so do not be afraid to freeze them if you want to save them for a rainy day. Spread a single layer of the unwashed berries on to a foil covered tray, just so they don’t stick together, and place into the freezer until solid.

Why not have a look and try out our brilliant Blackberry and White Chocolate Cupcake recipe below or visit our Top 20 Blackberry Recipes on our Pintrest board at